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Posted by Charles Stanley on

Welcome to CAS Pens.  We are excited to offer hand turned pens out of exotic woods and several types of resin (acrylic). We pride ourselves on selecting interesting and appealing pen blanks (bodies) from all over the world. 

We have several pens made from Koa, that we personally selected from Hawaii. There are many pens that are made from resin colored with dye and pearl essence powder that we really like.

The featured pen is figured Koa with dye and purple resin.

Ted Goldberg

June 1, 2017

I have a CAS custom wood pen and wanted to share my experience with those looking at these products. I seldom comment on purchases but this will be an exception. I am so pleased with the weight and balance of my pen. It feels comfortable and writes great. Because it is a custom designed pen, no two are alike — which is a nice feature. I have received many compliments on my pen. So, if you want something that is one of a kind, works and feels great — you won’t be disappointed with one of these CAS pens.

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